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Rep-Elect Moore: Ted Metz & Libertarians Hold Critical Votes in Georgia Governor Race

ATLANTA Nov. 3, 2018 01:48 ET -- Georgia Libertarians and Ted Metz are making the race for Georgia governor one of the nation’s most contested elections. Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams are in a dead heat according to the November 1 WSBTV polls. Kemp trails Abrams 46.7 percent to 46.9 percent and Georgia Libertarian, Ted Metz, is still in the mix at 1.6 percent.

One of Georgia’s most outspoken Representatives, Colton Moore, shared his view on the race that brought President Trump and Vice President Pence to Dalton, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee this week.

"Georgia Libertarians have a lot of power with their vote, they always have. Their 2-4% will be the deciding factor in this race and I hope they understand their candidate cannot and will not win or proceed to a runoff. I ask all Georgia Libertarians and independents to think strongly about their vote and to consider Brian Kemp if they want to avoid creeping socialism that is already taking over many states across our country.

I share many of the same values as Mr. Metz. In fact, I strongly agree with him when it comes criminal justice reform and jury nullification, both of which I have planned legislation for. Interestingly, I also support decriminalizing marijuana to allow for Georgia medicinal research, statewide agriculture growth and to help provide legal access to families with ill family members who already qualify for THC and cannabis prescriptions. Overall, Mr. Metz and I both want the same thing; less government and more freedom,.

I would enjoy working with Metz after the general election to bring many of their aligned values to the Georgia General Assembly in January. By working directly with the Chairman of Georgia’s Libertarian Party, I believe they could accomplish difficult tasks together that would be impossible to do separately," Moore said.


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