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Colton Moore | Candidate For Georgia State House - District 1

What we did on May 22nd will go down in history. Our grassroots effort and your gracious vote allowed us to win this election and for that I am forever grateful. There has been an outpouring of excitement and congratulations like I have never seen before in my life.
Thousands of Dade and Walker County citizens are fired up about what we are working on and the progress we will make. And at $1.60 per vote, we ran one of the most cost-effective campaigns not just in the State of Georgia, but across the entire country. You can expect similar results in our future.
God is doing some amazing things for our people. His Grace has spoken and it is time to usher in a new voice and pace for our community.

Thank you to my family and friends who helped get us to this point. Thank you to all our teachers, business leaders, and citizens who put their trust in me to represent our livelihoods.

And thank you to John Deffenbaugh and all of those who voted for him. We ran a clean and energetic campaign that truly brought out the best in both of us. I hope over the next two years I can earn the respect and trust of you and your supporters.

Moving forward, I will use the next six months to address many issues in our district that do not require a visit to the Capitol. My administration will work directly inside our local economy to help our businesses, schools, and county commissioners maximize the opportunities in front of us. 

Thank you again for a wonderful campaign and stay tuned, Moore progress is on the way for Northwest Georgia.

Looking forward,

Colton Moore
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Meet Colton Moore

At twenty-four years of age, Colton Moore has worn many hats: auctioneer, commercial truck driver, cattleman, and most important of all, proud Northwest Georgian. Having grown up and lived his entire life throughout the areas of Lookout and Sand Mountain, Colton understands issues important to the residents in the community. Having seen many hardships faced by the community over-the-years and lack of action by those representing our community, Colton believes change will come through young energy and someone willing to fight for the interests of the area. He is a graduate from the University of Georgia, having earned a degree in International Affairs & Political Science.

From his early childhood spent in a Trenton apartment community, to the struggles he encountered paying for a farm, Colton became aware of issues in agriculture, transportation, and other occupations that many in the area rely on. Through these life experiences and having grown up and worked within the area, Colton gained a familiarity with the daily challenges faced by the residents of Northwest Georgia. Colton has never been one to sit by and wait for something to happen. His passion for problem solving and success is what drives Colton. He turned that passion into becoming a Georgia commercial truck driver at age eighteen, and a successful auctioneer shortly afterwards. While attending the University of Georgia, Colton coordinated his first auctions. During that time, he also began learning about and sharing stories from people around the state regarding difficulties surrounding regulations they faced in their line of work.

Well-versed in legislatives affairs and political studies, Colton graduated from UGA in 2016 and began doing what he knows best. Colton pursued a career as a global trade broker, allowing him to auctioneer around the world. The Appalachian ‘twang of his auctioneering chant has been heard in four countries, on three continents, and by thousands of buyers. His experiences with international trade quickly allowed him to focus on issues back home such as logistics within the transportation sector.

Colton intends to bring integrity and a faster pace to our area’s politics by focusing on the needs of our community. District 1 needs a representative who is not afraid to put legislation on the floor and is willing to confront controversial issues. For many years, We the People have become complacent in allowing our voices to go unheard. Colton believes his small-town roots, combined with his experience in international equipment trade and shipping, gives him a unique outlook that will translate into success under the Gold Dome.

Voting Day Brief

May 22nd is VOTING DAY - 7am to 7pm this Tuesday will be a critical time for our future as Dade and Walker County citizens.  Over the last 10 weeks I have had the opportunity to learn about the community I grew up in ways I could have never imagined.

Our District and State has many issues that need to be quickly addressed. And after being invited to a final debate last week by The Wilson Road Neighborhood Group, I recognized how much impact a strong voice and level head could have in Atlanta.

Thank you to all the teachers, business leaders, and the 1,000 or so citizens I spoke with who have helped me understand the issues our livelihoods face at a deeper level.

I am honored to represent the people of District 1 and would be delighted to do so at the Capitol, where we can bring real change to many of these issues.

My opponent received more than $52,600 in donations, much of which was from outside our District. I ran our entire campaign without the influence of special interests on $3,750 and most of these funds came from my own pocket. This is exactly the way I will fight for us should I be elected. A stronger, faster, louder and more cost-effective voice will change our lives for the better.

The future of Dade and Walker need you, your family and friends to vote during the next  day. Our district deserves Moore.

To vote, visit your local voting precinct. If you are not sure where to vote, visit the website below and type your name and county in the MVP fields on the right side of page. Once you click “Submit” your voter location will appear.