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Welcome! My name is Colton Moore and I am thankful you took the time to learn a bit more about our movement!

By day, I work as an auctioneer and dump truck driver. With the help of some incredibly talented auctioneers, I was a top 20 finalist at the International Auctioneers Championship. Who doesn’t love a great auction?

Before traveling over 100,000 miles for the auction business, I grew up on my family’s farm in Dade County, Georgia where I took over my father’s bulldozing and trucking business.

I served as the State Representative for Dade and Walker County from 2018 through 2020.

For a long time, I have struggled to get any production from our Senator. For the last 18 years, this Senator has represented Northwest Georgia. He has a long history of being shady and not a team player capable of working with Representatives, like myself, which I witnessed firsthand at the Capitol.

For this reason, and many more, I decided to run to be the next Senator of Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade and Walker Counties.

As Georgia’s 7th most conservative legislator, I will continue to bring a strong voice and level head to every issue, without the politics.

A few other points worthy of mentioning to you.

I was a co-sponsor of Georgia’s Heartbeat Anti-Abortion Bill.

I am a hardline fighter for the 2nd Amendment.

I am a firm advocate for reducing educational regulations.

From that day on the escalator, I have supported our President Donald J. Trump, unlike the current Senator... who backed Jeb Bush in 2016.

And most importantly, I am not afraid of tough fights.

I was one of ten legislators to ask Georgia House Speaker David Ralston to resign after he used his position to delay justice more than a 1,000 times. We must drain this swamp activity that has riddled us for too long.

Our team will go fight for Northwest Georgia like you have never seen before.

It is time for a change and that's why I am asking you for your vote.

In Person Early Voting Starts May 2, 2022 at 7am

Election Day Voting Starts May 24, 2022 at 7am

Thanks for voting for freedom.


Fmr. Representative Colton Moore

ATTENTION: Share your ideas with Colton in the Northwest Georgia Quality of Life Survey, here.

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