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Share Brian Kemp's Post About District 1 Kemp Truck

See District 1 on the Georgia campaign trail for Republican Governor Candidate Brian Kemp and Lt. Governor Candidate Geoff Duncan.

Learn More about Rep. Moore & 'Big Trucks for Kemp' Dump Truck

See More Pictures of the Kemp Truck
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Hardworking Georgians Vote Kemp

Colton Moore attaching Old Glory atop Lookout Mountain

Hardworking Georgians in Action, Thanks Landon

State Rep. Colton Moore and Kemp Truck Maiden Voyage

Election Day Spotify Playlist

Listen to Colton's Georgia Election Day Playlist, below. Visit the Northwest Georgia Voter's Guide to learn more about Election Day and Election Results across the State.


Brian Kemp Twitter Post About 'Big Trucks for Kemp'

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